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Our approach is to engineer, implement and manage solutions around technology that meets the client's vision and business plan, long-term.

Elevate's proactive support model focuses on combining customer service with 24/7/365 IT Help Desk services, allowing our team to specialize in supporting environments with a low tolerance for down time and those that have users that require a VIP experience.

MVP Team Members

Geoff Turner

Geoff grew up in Central Oregon, where he dug into technology at a young age at a large church. While getting this real world experience, he attended a trade school with an education path focused on both Microsoft and Cisco solutions. At 14, he started his first IT company and started servicing local business and residential clients. Building his client base over the years and eventually starting Now Nerd. Now Nerd became a key player in the success of Microsoft’s Answer Desk and Geek Squad’s online support system and grew the company’s helpdesk to just under seventy employees. With the team Geoff has built, Elevate has been able to provide an industry leading customer experience.

Shannon LeClaire

After many successful years in Sales for worldwide corporate entities, Shannon joined Elevate Technology Group in 2015 for the opportunity to make a visible impact in a local company. Shannon was a key contributor to redefining and implementing Elevate's company goals and business plan. Shannon bridges the knowledge gap between non-technical clients and the technical minds at Elevate, helping translate every client's needs, vision and business objectives into solutions that drive their company forward through the use of technology.

After competing at the collegiate level in St. Paul, Minnesota for Hamline University Women's Ice Hockey Team, Shannon still enjoys playing hockey recreationally here in Portland.

Daniel Searle

Daniel joined Elevate in 2012 after building his management skills and obtaining an AA in Computer Networking. Daniel brought a number of skills to Elevate including Training, Quality Control and Technical Expertise, while his current roles include Technical Management as well as selecting and vetting new technologies and products. Additionally, he continues to work with the Engineering team to help implement new systems and technologies for Elevate's clients to bring their technical experience to the next level. Daniel has been working with technology personally and professionally for over 15 years, but still finds new and exciting ways that technology can be implemented every day.

On the occasion that Daniel does not find himself working on Elevate projects, he spends time helping his daughter learn about the world by exploring the greatest science lab - the outdoors.

Darrell Kimberlin

Even as a young adult, Darrell had a passion for technology, ranging anywhere from tinkering with electronics to designing parts in CAD. Darrell joined Elevate Technology Group in 2011 where he has focused on engineering creative solutions tailored to the specific needs of Elevate's clients. Darrell has extensive knowledge in Microsoft Products, which includes Exchange, Office 365, Azure, Microsoft Office, Windows Desktop and Windows Server Operating Systems. Darrell is also a Certified Barracuda Networks Engineer on NG Firewalls and Web Application Firewalls.

Darrell’s hobbies include building mechanical keyboards and building custom PC water cooling solutions. In his free time he enjoys cycling, PC gaming, and listening to music.

Cameron Zink

Cameron was raised just outside Los Angeles, and fell into IT through his father who was a programmer. He worked as an engineer for several large service providers in California and Oregon specializing in virtualization and cloud technologies, eventually developing a focus on security and compliance. Cameron joined Elevate in 2017 and is excited to help our clients grow through providing secure, scalable solutions to our partners.

When he is not responding to email, Cameron can be found playing pool or rock climbing.

Jim Gates

Prior to joining the Elevate Team in 2017, Jim led Intel Corporation’s Product Development Team for many years. In Intel’s Server Division he developed and launched high volume, rack-based server products that accompanied Intel’s newly released CPUs. Jim has extensive technical knowledge, a Computer Systems Engineering degree and Masters degree in Organizational Management. We are thrilled to have him on board to manage both the Projects and Logistics at Elevate.

Jim enjoys ATV riding at the beach, RVing across the state, and cooking for friends and family in his spare time.

Diane Turner

Diane has been with Elevate Technology Group since its beginning. She spent many years as an entrepreneur running various successful businesses, including a decade as an accomplished business practice adviser and financial consultant who lead businesses into a successful future. Her strong financial and accounting background gives us a strong foundation. She loves her job and it shows with her positive attitude and strong ability to keep our organizational processes running smooth and reliable. Yep, she keeps us in line. Her beliefs in growing a successful client experience and company is based on spectacular client relations, solutions designed and deployed with top of the line products and engineered with best industry practices and with a strict, but a fun accountability system.

In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors. She is an avid skier, enjoys hiking and traveling.

James Oster

James was immediately hooked on technology after his father brought home the first family PC in the early 1990s. James has years of experience in the technology industry, and joined Elevate in 2012, where he brings his extensive industry knowledge to Elevate. James is a true asset on the Help Desk where his passion for technology and integrity shines through as he is engineering long-term solutions for Elevate clients - all while keeping his focus on end-user impact. James has spent many passionate years helping to build Elevate Technology Group through it’s achievements for it’s clients - why not be one of them?

Tomas Mendoza

Tomas rejoined Elevate Technology Group in 2016 after leaving in 2012 due to a family illness that had caused him to return to his hometown of Madras, Oregon. Since then, Tomas has ventured out into the technology world becoming stronger and more knowledgeable in all aspects of the field. While Tomas is very technical, he is unique in that he is able to bridge the technical aspects of IT to Elevate's clients by providing a non-technical perspective and explanations while he is on site. It is important to Elevate, that our clients feel as though we are located in-house and not outsourced, which Tomas handles perfectly, as his personal touch and charismatic personality shines through as the "face" of Elevate Technology Group.

James Brenner

After working on the family computer with his father when he was young, James immediately knew that he saw himself pursuing a career in Information Technology. He joined Elevate Technology Group in 2012, where he is a skilled Help Desk Technician who enjoys assisting Elevate's end users with any IT-related issue they face.

In his spare time, James enjoys cooking and spending time outdoors with his Fiancée.

Matt Normile

He started out with his love of technology after being gifted a Nintendo 64 at the tender age of seven, in Portland, Oregon. He spent many years honing his computer and problem solving skills in the freelance sector and also by working in various customer support fields, providing support for Microsoft, Xbox, and Sage Accounting Software. Joining the Elevate team in March 2016, he helps our valued clients with their various computer issues and helps engineer solutions to keep productivity flowing.

When he isn’t busy downing his second energy drink or tapping away at the keyboard, he is usually at home working on his own computer or building another miniature model for display in his collection. He also enjoys petting cats.

Erik Bartley

Growing up in St Helens, Oregon, he has always had a passion for technology. Erik joined the team in 2016. His experience in supporting end users as part of a global help desk for a fortune 100 company, has made him a key asset on the front lines helping our customers. His outgoing personality and concern for detail, including strong follow-up skills, has elevated our front line.

Erik's interests include: playing guitar, mixing music, reading, and playing video games.

Jackson Karaganis

Jackson Karaganis is the resident wild card, deciding to take a steep career change from the fast-paced, hard partying lifestyle of being a commercial cook to the mystical world of Information Technology. His incredibly strong customer service skills combined with a burning, fiery passion for computers and an incredibly big and beautiful brain have allowed him to join our team and make waves in the process.

Hailing from the land of corn and soybeans, this Midwesterner has a strong work ethic and the ability to make friends with any and everyone. His family are all based in the Computer Science world, with his father instilling Jackson’s love for computers by being a video game programmer, and his mother by being an SQL Analyst.

Mission Statement

Innovate with new and proven technologies, transforming the way businesses interact with and utilize technology, to better their business and their customer's experience.

Core Values

Respect for All

  • Respect our client's time and appreciate/understand the business impact we, as IT, have on each user.

  • Respect one another's beliefs and time. Always work together to achive goals and milestones.

Elegance through Simplicity

  • Engineer solutions that deliver great ideas while remaining straightforward and scalable.

  • Speak plainly and keep it simple. Use creativity and out of the box thinking to craft reliable solutions.


  • Actively engage clients in the solutions we build.

  • Empower every member of the team to own solutions and ideas. Always encourage new perspectives and concepts from everyone.


  • Deliver on promises, and communicate early and often with clients, especially when changes to the plan are needed.

  • Commit to always being available and attentive to clients and all team members.

Ethics and Integrity

  • Commit to our clients to always present the right choices, even when those choices are difficult. Own up to any mistakes.

  • Always maintain the highest standard of ethics when working with client data and systems. Own mistakes and work to correct them.