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We are excited about our new name!

Now Nerd is changing our name to Elevate Technology Group, or as we like to say, "Elevate"!

Why are we changing our brand and name?

We choose Elevate Technology Group because we believe it better represents the full scope of services and solutions we engineer, deploy and manage for our clients. After putting a lot of thought into what will also change with the rebrand to Elevate, we elected to include changes in our Culture, our Client Experience, our Processes and our Procedures too.

Implementing the changes to meet our vision for Elevate will happen over the next few months. While we work to revitalize each of thses pieces, please know that no major changes will occur for your end users.

What is changing?

Our Logo and Name will be updated across all services and solutions we provide.

Our Email Addresses will show as @ElevateTechGroup.com. Don't worry - any emails sent to our Now Nerd emails will still be delivered.

Our Phone Numbers will not change, though our Caller ID will show Elevate Tech Group.

Initiatives involving Security will be a continued focus as we transition to Elevate. You will soon notice enhanced processes and policies for sensitive security requests, such as firewall changes, user password resets, folder permissions & applications and external network access.

What will stay the same?

The same great team members that you know and love. We are the same faces, people and company you know today, just with a fresh new look!
We will continue to use the same helpdesk button, phone numbers and email systems.

We look forward to our continued partnership with you!

The Elevate Team - Formerly, Now Nerd.

Mission Statement

Innovate with new and proven technologies, transforming the way businesses interact with and utilize technology, to better their business and their customer's experience.

Core Values

Respect for All

  • Respect our client's time and appreciate/understand the business impact we, as IT, have on each user.

  • Respect one another's beliefs and time. Always work together to achive goals and milestones.

Elegance through Simplicity

  • Engineer solutions that deliver great ideas while remaining straightforward and scalable.

  • Speak plainly and keep it simple. Use creativity and out of the box thinking to craft reliable solutions.


  • Actively engage clients in the solutions we build.

  • Empower every member of the team to own solutions and ideas. Always encourage new perspectives and concepts from everyone.


  • Deliver on promises, and communicate early and often with clients, especially when changes to the plan are needed.

  • Commit to always being available and attentive to clients and all team members.

Ethics and Integrity

  • Commit to our clients to always present the right choices, even when those choices are difficult. Own up to any mistakes.

  • Always maintain the highest standard of ethics when working with client data and systems. Own mistakes and work to correct them.